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Reflective walks

Written on 04/16/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: Self-awareness, Self-management: Social awareness: Relationship skills: Responsible decision making

Materials: Writing materials

Setting: area to walk around and keep social distancing.

Facilitator Information: This needs to be controlled so youth walk apart. If you lack a large area for group to wait, while social distancing, you can have a circular walking course with stations. Youth go to a sperate station and you call out a switch between stations, so the youth stay separated. Each station can have a different task. You can have writing prompts at each station, or you can call out and have everyone do the same task at their station. This is done quietly. Create questions that relate to what you are doing and the SEL area you would like members to improve.

Possible questions: What did you like doing today? What is unique to notice at this station? Draw a picture of how you are feeling now? Draw out a fun experience you had today. Write out key single words that describe today. Highlights from today? What do you like about yourself? 

Say something like: We will all start at a station and do a reflective walk. At each station answer the question at the station. Listen for my call to have you move on. This is reflective so we will stay away from each other and not talk.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: Your choice depending on what questions you put at each station.

Frame: We will do our reflection walk and come back to our large group circle and share thoughts about the activity.

Do activity


What happened for you at the stations? What did you reflect on?

So what did you learn about self or others?

Now what can you do better today? Where?