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Categories and spiderweb line up

Written on 09/20/2021
Brian Brandt

Purpose: Social awareness and relationship skill building

Materials: Paper and Pencil for one recorder.

Setting: Open Space circle with spaces marked on ground.

Facilitator Information: This is a variation of lineup activities without the group moving around. Depending on the size of the group they could use paper and pencil to write out order. So, there is no moving around. The group just figures out the answer by using the names of the group. Could put names down on paper, in the order of people around the circle, and draw a line from person to person to show order. It will create a spider web. So, to figure out the order from high to low of number of siblings the group stays in their place and creates a name list.

Spider webs or line ups.

Number of siblings.  From largest to smallest, your pets size, or size of pet you would like to have if you don’t have one. Alphabetic order of first name, last name, middle name… Birthday. Favorite holiday, starting January 1.

Say something like I will give a question, like what the order of is people’s names, alphabetically from a to z. You might have done something like this moving around. This time one person records the order the group tells them to and no one moves. So, stay still and figure out your order. Create the order of…. 

Social Emotional Learning Focus is learning about similarities and differences.

Frame: We will celebrate the differences and similarities during this activity.

Do activity


What did you notice? What was interesting? Differences? In common?

So what did you like about the differences? What makes us unique?

Now where can we do to learn more about the neat differences we have?