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Body writing

Written on 04/16/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: Self-awareness, Self-management: Social awareness: Relationship skills: Responsible decision making

Materials: NA

Setting: Large group circle

Facilitator Information: This is about members being able to relax, be silly, be appropriate, and have fun. This can work with partners first to help members get warmed up. Give the group different questions they need to write out the answer to with their body part. Finger non-dominate hand, elbow, nose, ear, knee…. You can facilitate it as a guessing game, or have the person spell out the answer as they go.

Say something like: We are going to answer questions between partners using a body part. We’ll start with your pinkie finger non-dominate hand. Let’s practice sharing our names. Let’s go around and spell out your names to your partner. Now answer the question….

What type of pet would you like? Your favorite day is? What are you feeling now? How do you want to feel when you leave today?

Social Emotional Learning Focus: Being relaxed in a group                                        

Frame: Today we will work on getting more comfortable with each other through this activity.

Do activity


What happened with being silly / relaxed?

So what makes it easy or difficult in a group to be silly or relax?

Now what can we do here to make it more comfortable for others to relax? Self relax?