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Healthy Forest

Written on 04/01/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To promote social distancing. Self-management. Responsible decision making.

Materials: NA

Setting: Open area

Facilitator Information: This is about getting the group to stop what they are doing and get into a spaced group. If the group isn’t social distancing well during any activity, you can use this to stop them and remind them about respecting peoples spacing.

Say something like: We are going to pretend to be a healthy forest where every tree has a lot or room to grow. What are the advantages of trees having space from other trees? (more sunlight? Water? Soil?) So when I say “Forest” we all get spaced out 6ft from each other. Let’s practice.  So, now that we have practiced we will play the game during our next activity. So, if we are outside and I yell forest we all need to make sure we are trees with enough space to grow healthy.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: Respecting others space.

Frame: We will play the activity and respect others space.

Do activity


What happened with respecting others spacing?

So what did we learn about respecting spacing? Trees benefit from spacing, how do we benefit from spacing?

Now where can we support respecting space today? (We can practice forest later today)