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PowerPoint show

Written on 03/30/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To have the group share a scene that they hope will happen today

Materials: NA

Setting: Group circle

Facilitator Information: This is a way for youth to share something they hope will happen, make, or do today. It is another option, instead of just talking.  You select a topic they can share their PowerPoint slide with to the group. You starting and giving examples is helpful for youth.

Say something like: Today we are going to make up PowerPoint slide pf something you hope to do today. Specifically share it as a picture. Make a PowerPoint slide that shows the picture of this happening.  Maybe an activity.  How people work with you. A project you have completed today. A picture of a work station you are at.

Optional Social Emotional Learning Focus: Pick a picture that shows the group being caring to each other. Where do you see caring important today?

Frame: This time pick a picture of showing others being caring today.

After activity reflection:

What did you notice about others pictures of caring?

So what did we learn about caring? How does it make others and self feel?

Now where/when today will you be caring?