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Your First

Written on 03/30/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To encourage members to become more familiar and comfortable with each other

Materials: None

Setting: Large spaced circle

Facilitator Information: This activity can be about building comfort with each other’s similarities and differences. You can make a list or have the youth go around and each come up with a first. (appropriate) You can have a few youth share in each session so you can come back and repeat the activity.  

Say something like: Today you will share with each other a first of yours. Like, what was your first favorite book or pet. That can be hard to remember, so if you can’t remember, pick what comes to mind, even if it was last week. If you didn’t have one, like a pet, share what you would like as a first pet. It could be a dolphin? I’ll start and then each of you can add on.


Optional Social Emotional Learning Focus:  Feel and show empathy for others

Frame: Today we are going to explore what is unique and similar. Watch for what is interesting.

After activity reflection:

What did you notice about similarities and differences?

So what did we learn about the importance of differences and similarities? Why is it important we have differences and similarities?

Now what can we do today to keep the excitement of learning differences and similarities?