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Written on 04/01/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, Relationship skills, Responsible decision making

Materials: Large wall space to put articles up to build a front page of a newspaper. Paper and individual markers for youth. Can give out different sizes of paper, if you want to make it patchwork, like a newspaper.

Setting: Large group circle with an edge of the circle for the newspaper.

Facilitator Information: This is a flexible activity, because you pick the topics people write about or make pictures of. You can have everyone do the same topic or split it up. Stories or pictures on caring, fun activities today, a hero, something you made, a fictional story, comics section, sports, classifieds, a silly made up story, ????? This is something you direct.  

Say something like: We are making a newspaper. Newspapers share stories of what has happened today. What could we write about, that happened today? A fictional story, comics section, sports, classifieds, or a silly made up story. Who is doing what? We will assemble stories when done. If you finish early you can make a silly advertisement.  

Social Emotional Learning Focus: Depends on topic you selected.

Frame: After the newspaper is done we will talk about (insert your topic here)

Do activity


What happened with (topic)?

So what did we learn about (topic)?

Now what can we do with our learning?