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Graffiti Wall

Written on 04/01/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To get youth to share pictures or words about their day. Self-awareness. Relationship skills     

Materials:  Sheets of paper and personal markers for each youth.

Setting: Large spaced circle.

Facilitator Information: This is about youth drawing or writing on their piece of paper. You give them the topic they will draw/write on. Could be what was fun today, where did you see respect or caring or….., what will they being doing for fun at home tonight, what will they tell their parent about today,…. You can set up the circle so part of the circle, without youth in front of it, is the wall for the graffiti. Youth can go up and post their contribution one at a time. You can have the tape circles on the wall ready for them to stick the sheet up. At the end you can discuss the day with the group. Ask for clarifications and what the group observes. You can do this one once a week with a different topic, adding to the wall or starting a new one. If possible can post where parents pick up so they get an understanding what is going on in your program.  

Say something like: We will create a graffiti wall. So, on your sheet draw or write words related to the topic (insert your topic here). When done, I will call you up individually to post it on the wall. We will discuss after everyone has posted. If you want to share you can or you can pass.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: Depends on topic you selected.

Frame: After the wall is done we will talk about (insert your topic here)

Do activity


What happened with (topic)?

So what did we learn about (topic)?

Now what can we do with our learning?