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Keywords & Key Phrases

Written on 03/31/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To get the group to express highlights from the day.

Materials: Papers and personal markers.

Setting: Large group circle

Facilitator Information: This is for the group to generate a keyword or phrase that brings up a positive thing about the group or fun situation. This helps end the day on a positive note. Have a couple ready to go as the facilitator  

Example:  First one is fill in the blank. I was caring today during_______.  (your examples ready) Everyone go. Ok, next one. This group is ________. (your examples ready)  I was helpful during ______.(your examples ready)

When the generation of ideas slows or stops, review the lists. Check to make sure all items are accurately captured and that everyone understands what is listed. Group members need not agree on what is listed. Post this at check out. Youth point out their observations to parent/guardian.  

Say something like: We are going to generate keywords or phrases that describe things we liked today. Things we appreciated from others. Team skills you did well. Team skills others did well. I’ll call out the topic and you write one down. These are fill in the blank and I’ll share mine first.  I was caring today during_______. Everyone go. Ok, next one. This group is ________.  I was helpful during ______.

Optional Social Emotional Learning Focus: Establish and maintain positive relationships

Frame: During this activity we are going to see how we are becoming a healthy team.

After activity reflection:

What did you notice that were examples of being a healthy group?

So what did we learn others see as being healthy for the group? What behaviors?

Now what will you do at home to be caring or helpful?