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Group Poem

Written on 03/31/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To quietly reflect on each participant's experiences today and make a group poem.

Materials: Note cards and individual pens

Setting: Large group circle, sitting.

Facilitator Information: This is about having the group celebrate everyone’s experiences and feelings on the given topic statement. You can either collect cards, randomize the cards, and then read them. This gives you censoring ability. You can randomly ask the youth to read theirs and record on large sheet of paper. This combining of each person’s creates the group poem. It can be posted at parent pickup.

Topic choices: How is this group caring?  Where was the group caring today? What is the benefit to being caring here? What is the benefit to being responsible here? What does it mean to treat others with respect? How do you feel when someone is caring to you? How did someone show caring to you today? How did you show caring to another today? Others________?  What does it mean to treat others with respect? How do you feel when someone listens to you? How do you feel when you are helped? What was your favorite part of the day? If you could change one part of today, what would it be?

Say something like:  We will create a group poem and each of you will have a short phrase in it. You will answer my question on your card with a short phrase. They will get added together to create a group poem and put at parent pick up. Tell them if you are picking them or collection the cards.

Optional Social Emotional Learning Focus:  Understand and manage emotions, Feel and show empathy for others, Establish and maintain positive relationships

Frame: We are writing a poem about _______

After activity reflection:

What did you notice about the poem? What was nice about the poem? Like?

So what did you learn about the group?

Now what will we do with our learning?