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Purpose of closing activities

Written on 03/23/2020
Brian Brandt

Depending on how you facilitate the closing activity may serve many purposes:

Provide youth a chance to share any feelings, evening plans, insights or concerns.

Social emotional skills practiced can be shared and reinforced.

Youth can plan where to use social emotional skills at home.   

Neuroscience suggests closing activities enhance the learning of the day and youth are more likely to remember it.

Youth know that the program is over.


How closing activities help parents/caregivers.

Closing activities help youth remember what they did during the day, right before they are picked up by parents. This is helpful in opening dialogue with parents and youth. Parents will have come from stressful situations and talking about the child’s day can be relieving and put them at ease.


During your closing activity ask youth to share what they will tell their parents was fun today? What is something they learned? What did others do that was kind? What did they do that was helpful to others?

Some sites have as part of the checkout the youth share one of the answers above, to their parent.

Closing activities usually are positive.

Everyone gets a chance to speak at a closing activity.

Everyone in a circle works well.