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A sunrise

Written on 03/28/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To create a safe learning environment where groups work on behaviors that support success

Materials: Paper and markers

Introduction: Have participants draw a sun rising with rays of light coming out of it, and have them leave space below the horizon line to write in their goals. Have them draw the sun large enough to hold a lot of information. Show them a sample drawing (Figure 2). Ask the group members what they hope to learn and what life skills they hope to get better at. The desired behaviors after the program is over should be made part of the goals. The purpose of the program is to learn information and life skills that can be used in the future, so what happens after the program is very important. Under the drawing's horizon have participants put the answers to the following questions:

Suggested Questions:

As a result of the program, I will be able to ____________________.

As a result of the program, I will be able to use my new knowledge to ___________________.

As a result of the program, I will be able to use my improved life skills to _____________________.

Ask the group which behaviors, individual and group, if well done, will help them reach their goals. Provide an example, such as If we include good communication in the agreement will this help the group? If we agree to use personal safety skills, will this make for a better program? Ask participants to choose four to five general behaviors on which they can all agree and put them around the inner circle. Let them know you will revisit these behavior choices throughout the program. They can then pick one of the behaviors they feel is especially important and write it on one of the rays of the sun. They can also add specific details of what that behavior looks like, sounds like, and feels like in more detail in the ray area. They can practice these behaviors the next day.