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Circle group agreement

Written on 03/28/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To create a safe learning environment where groups work on behaviors that support success

Materials: Paper and markers for each person. Tape

Setting:  Use large group circle with distancing.

Facilitator Information: Draw a large circle with a smaller one inside. Show them a sample drawing (Figure 1). Have them place individual and group goals in the inner circle. Then ask them what the goals are for the p what they want to learn, and what life skills they want to focus on for improvement. The desired behaviors after the program is over should be made part of the goals. The purpose of the program is to learn information and life skills that can be used in the future, so what happens after the program is very important.

Say something Like: Ask the group which behaviors, individual and group, if done well, will help them reach their goals. (4-5 top ones)  Provide examples, such as: If we include good communication in the agreement will this help the group? If we agree to use personal safety skills, will this make for a better program? The group needs to brainstorm the behaviors they want to include in their agreements, getting the list down to four or five behaviors that everyone can agree on. The group should reach its individual and collective goals (the inner circle) by working on positive behaviors (the outer circle). Remember, this is about progress, not perfection, when creating this list of behaviors. This agreement will be used throughout the program.