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Invisible Ball Name toss

Written on 04/24/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: Relationship skills

Materials: None

Setting: Open Space, group circle

Facilitator Information: This is a name activity where the group passes an invisible ball to a person to learn their name. This activity reinforces it’s ok to ask someone’s name. They also say their name before they pretend to throw the invisible ball. This is where you model asking others names so the youth get more comfortable asking names. You can advance the complexity after they play well by having anyone add an invisible ball to throw to someone whose name they don’t remember. So, you will have multiple ones going around at one time.

Say something like today we will learn names and share our names, a lot. I have an invisible and to throw to someone else I have to do two things. First, wave and ask their name. (Even if you know it.) After you get their attention, say your name and their name. “Brian to Adrian.” The person receiving says thank you (Name of person).  Now you can pick someone whose name you don’t follow the steps.  The purpose is to learn names, be ok with asking names, and saying thank you.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: The purpose is to learn names, be ok with asking names, and saying thank you.

Frame: We will practice how to ask what someone’s name during this activity.

Do activity


What happened with asking for names? What makes that comfortable or difficult?

So what did we learn about the importance of learning names?

Now when should we practice asking names again? Each morning?