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Common Ground Questions

Written on 04/24/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: Social awareness and relationship skills.

Materials: None

Setting: Open Space

Facilitator Information: This activity is about participants sharing something about themselves and the group thinking of follow up questions. This is about getting to know each other more, identify commonalities and differences. This should be about how it is good to have similarities and differences. You could discuss the importance of similarities and differences with youth before playing.

Say something like we will celebrate the differences and similarities in the group. Each of us will share something that you think others have in common or don’t. The group will ask possible follow up questions. Something like how old where you when you did that? You think others should try it? What was exciting about it? When the group is done with follow up questions you pick one to answer. Later you can ask your question if the person didn’t choose yours now.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: This is about getting youth to share and ask follow up questions. Teaching youth how to engage when they can feel they have things in common or are different.   

Frame: We will share in this activity and get better at follow up questions when someone talks with you.

Do activity


What did you notice about when others asked you follow up questions? How did that feel?

So what did we learn about asking follow up questions? What makes a good follow up question?

Now where can we get better at follow up questions today?