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Six What???

Written on 09/20/2021
Dan White

Purpose: Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

Materials: Tape Measure or Yard Stick, tape and various items found around classroom/setting

Setting: Open Space

Facilitator Information: This activity is designed to get youth thinking about social distancing and how far six feet is?  Facilitator will have to prepare ahead of time two pieces of tape on the floor six feet apart.  This is an estimation game. Challenge youth to estimate how many of the objects it will take laid end to end will take to span 6 feet. 

Say something like: Social distancing is a strategy to help spreading germs from one person to another.  It is recommended that people, when they have to go outside keep six feet between each other to avoid sneezing or coughing on each other.  But how far is six feet really? On the floor I have put two pieces of tape on the floor 6 feet apart. Your job is to estimate how many of these regular items laid end to end will reach 6 feet.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: To understand the new social norm and self-management.

Frame: It is important to know how far you should stand away from others when you have to go out into social situations to avoid spreading germs.

Do activity


How did you come up with your estimates?

Did you have a strategy to your estimates?

What regular activities can you do 6 feet apart? 

What activities can’t you do without getting closer than 6 feet?

How could you adapt an up-close activity so you could do it 6 feet apart?

Where can we be better at 6ft separation today?