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Look Away

Written on 04/17/2020
Dan White

Purpose: Relationship skills

Materials: NA

Setting: Open Space

Facilitator Information: This activity is designed to get youth thinking about how they work together. You can talk about working competitively or collaboratively. When we play some games, the goal is to be the “winner” and thus someone has to be the “loser”.  When youth work together to achieve a goal results can be collaborative accomplishment.

Say something like: Standing 6 feet apart, one person is going to be the “Pointer” and the other will be the “Looker”.  The Pointer will count to 3 and then using both Pointer(index) fingers either point UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT.  The Looker will try to move their head Looking in one of the directions the Pointer did not choose.  If the Pointer and the Looker chose the same direction… The Pointer “Wins”. After each round the “Pointer” and the “Looker” switch roles.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: About feelings of winning and losing.

Frame: We are going to play a game and talk about how you feel about it

First Round – “We are going to play ‘Look Away’ and the goal is to be the winner. Play as hard as you can and think about how feels to be the winner”

Second Round – “We are going to play ‘Look Away’ and the goal is to match your partner. Work as hard as you can with your partner to make a match. Think about what you do to match”

Do activity


First Round Reflection.

Who was the winner? Who was the loser?

To the winners how does it feel to win?  Losers, how does it feel to lose?

Are there times when there have to be winners and losers? When? Why?

How does competition build relationships?

Where do we today make others feel better?


Second Round Reflection.

How did you feel to work together?  What strategies did you use to work together?

How did it feel different when you worked together rather that trying to win?

When is it better to work together rather than compete?

How does teamwork build relationships?

Where today can work as teams?