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Who’s It???

Written on 04/17/2020
Dan White

Purpose: Social awareness and relationship skills.

Materials: Individual Paper strips, pen/pencil, clipboards may be helpful

Setting: Desks arranged with appropriate social distancing or marked spots on the floor.

Facilitator Information: This is a good game for small group interaction. The object is to get individuals to share unknown things about themselves in a safe environment. Each player writes down one little know truth about himself. The paper slips are handed in and read aloud one at a time so everyone can consider who wrote what.

The slips are then read a second time, and players write who they think wrote that slip. An alternative if the group is in the circle is to do a countdown and point to the person you think it is, yell their name for a dramatic effect.  1….2….3…. Point!!!

After everyone has guessed, the truth is revealed. Each player gets a point for every correct guess. If no one guesses a person's slip correctly, that person gets five points.

Say something like:  How well do you know EVERYONE in our group?  This game is designed to help us get to know each other better. You will write down one little know truth about yourself. You don’t want others to easily guess it. If no one guesses you’ll get 5 points. For those guessing, if you guess correct you get one point. I’ll collect and read out truths twice. You write down who you think it is.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: The purpose of this game is to gain further knowledge about individuals in the group.

Frame: We are going to learn more about each other and the benefits of learning more about each other.

Do activity

Play a second or third round….



“What did you learn about our group?”

“Was there a skill you learned that someone had that you didn’t know before?”

“Is it important to know about the people in your group?” “Why?” “Why not?”

“Without activities like this, how do you get to know members of a group?”