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Count up

Written on 04/16/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: Self-management. Relationship skills.

Materials: NA

Setting: Large group circle

Facilitator Information: This is a team building game that can focus on listening, giving others turns, stress management and more. You decide what to focus on during the reflection. You can do this activity multiple times, by giving a low number goal and going higher each time they succeed. If the group comes up with a non-verbal strategy you could challenge group to try it without using the strategy.

Say something like: Today without planning or going around the circle the group will count up to (10). You can’t talk with each other to plan or just go around the circle. One person will start saying “1”. Another person goes to “2”, until the group gets to “10”. If at anytime two people talk at the same time the whole process starts over at “1”. Go.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: Self-management. Relationship skills.

Frame: During this activity we will work on (pick one: Flexibility, listening, sharing turns, stress)

Do activity


What happened with (insert skill from frame)?

So what did we learn about (insert skill from frame)?

Now what can we do with our learning around (insert skill from frame)?