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Alphabet connections

Written on 04/16/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose:  Social awareness: Relationship skills: 

Materials: NA

Setting: Large spaced circle                       

Facilitator Information: This is about building connections with each other. This is about celebrating the similarities and differences between members.

Say something like:  We are going to get to know more about each other using the alphabet. We will do a couple of letters each time we meet. I’ll give an letter and you will share with the group something related to you that starts with that alphabet. A story. Example:  If “D” is the letter I could share I have a dog that I taught to sit.  At the end I’ll ask what was something new you learned about others? Similarities? Differences? Something you are interested learning more about.

Social Emotional Learning Focus: Appreciating what others can share or teach you?

Frame: When we do this, everyone think about what someone shared, that would be interesting to learn more about.

Do activity


What happened with others sharing?

So what are the benefits of learning more about each other’s stories?

Now where today can we ask others to share more about their stories?