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Obstacle course

Written on 04/01/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To teach communication skills. Self-awareness. Self-management. Relationship skills

Materials: Props for the ground to walk over. Nothing that rolls or is hard. Could be post it notes, paper plates. Only you place and pick up objects. 

Setting: Very large open space, so 6ft between people in the course, and person giving them directions.   

Facilitator Information: This activity is about members developing communication skills, support, dealing with the stress of the activity, and more. There is a lot you can talk about after this activity. The activity is about a person walking through with eyes closed. It has to be a big set up, so participants can maintain spacing. There should be no obstacles (chairs, ….) or walls at the exit to the obstacle course, as people sometimes take a big step to get out of the course. As facilitator you will have to watch and instruct people to keep up spacing. I would make the objects very easy the first time and instruct them to go straight across. The person giving the directions should stay back at the starting line, to practice social distancing. If you have played Courtesy honk or Forest you can use those phrases (Soft Beep or Forest) to remind to keep social distance. Participants are to keep eyes closed and hands up in front of them. You can come back to this activity by making it more difficult. Instead of counting have people go back have the distance they have come, if they touch an item. Even harder, they have to start over. You can put the talking person 6ft past the finish line and they have to give directions from there.     

Say something like: We are going to practice many skills with this activity. Respecting space, communication skills, dealing with frustration appropriately, and more. One person goes through eyes closed as the other person stays behind and gives directions. Where should they step to avoid the objects on the ground. Your team will try to get across with the least amount of touches. Also, after the first person, you both can share ideas of how to do this activity better, before you switch. Do your best to keep your eyes closed, put hands up in front of you for safety, go straight across to keep away from others. Be ready to get frustrated. If you hear me (softly beep or say forest watch social distancing).