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Courtesy Honk

Written on 04/01/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To keep reinforcing social distancing. Self-management. Responsible decision making.

Materials: NA

Setting: Open space or outside

Facilitator Information: This activity is to reinforce distancing. It should be talked about as a courtesy honk. You can discuss the difference between courtesy and being rude. People can drift over to your space (6ft) and you can be respectful and courteous with a little reminder to respect spacing.  You can talk about texting and driving issues.                

Say something like: We are practicing being helpful to others by giving a courtesy honk, when people get in our 6ft driving bubble/space. Unfortunately, people get distracted when driving (texting, looking at view, people distracting in the car….). So, what can you do, politely, to help them regain focus? A courtesy honk. That is a simple, soft single beep. A discourteous honk is a BEEEEEEEEEP or BEEP BEEP. So we will practice being courteous. We will move around and respect others space. Sometimes when you avoid another person, you get in the space of another driver. They will softly beep. You move out of the way and say softly, “Thanks.”   


Social Emotional Learning Focus: Respecting others space.

Frame: We will play the activity and respect others space.

Do activity


What happened with respecting others spacing? Soft beep, versus loud BEEPS?

So what did we learn about respect?

Now where can we support respecting space today? Where do you think we will practice soft beeps today?