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Chalk Line Jump

Written on 03/30/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: Understand and manage emotions, and Set and achieve positive goals.

Materials: Chalk

Setting: Large open space so line has marks ever 6ft to keep youth separated.

Facilitator Information: This is a challenging activity. It takes a group practice so it can cause frustration. Be flexible with success.  Can come back to this activity and try to get better. You can pause and teach you a deep breathing skill if it gets frustrating. You can teach them sometimes its ok to stop and come back later. Your choice on what skills you want to help add to this.

Say something like: We are going to put our toes on the chalk like. The goal is to be able to jump so everyone is jumping across the line together. We can try this now and see how we do. Maybe we will come back later and try again.

Optional Social Emotional Learning Focus: Managing frustration.

Frame: When we do this activity it should bring you some frustration. So let’s try this and see what we can do to manage frustration.

After activity reflection:

What happened with frustration?

So what did we learn about managing frustration?

Now where today can we practice managing frustration?