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Circle up

Written on 03/30/2020
Brian Brandt

Purpose: To let the youth know how to get in a spaced circle

Materials: NA

Setting: Large space for group to get into a circle, 6ft between each person.

Facilitator Information: A circle allows everyone to see who is talking, and see if group members are listening. You create a key word that lets everyone know to pause what they are doing and come the circle area. You train the group to form a circle quickly, while practicing social distancing. Best practice would be to mark the floors with tape, carpet squares, or something so they know where to stand and it creates the spacing. Key word ideas. Caring circle, circle up, talk circle, bubble up….. It will be easier for youth to have one spot to always go to, so you stop races to the same spot. You could change this order up every week. Give feedback and work with youth to do this well. The first time have them practice a couple of times till they do it well. Make sure you do this in a fun way!

Say something like: We are going to move quickly to our circle (key word). We all have bubbles around us that don’t want to pop, so don’t get within 6 ft. Or, we are cars driving and we have to avoid getting close.  There are marks on the floor and this becomes your home base. Let’s practice this till we can get our drivers licenses.

Optional Social Emotional Learning Focus:  Make responsible decisions

Frame: We are going to practice being responsible drivers and avoid everyone else driving to their circle.

After activity reflection:

What happened with our responsible driving?

So what does it take to be a responsible driver? What skills or attitudes?

Now where can we be responsible drivers today?